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Subscriptions and pricing


In order to have full access to the management of competitions, use of tools and resources of the manager, it will be necessary to have a subscription Active at This means that the competition to be managed must be up to date with the periodic payments that are required in your subscription. When a competition (league or tournament) is created, a subscription is automatically associated with the competition.

You can check the subscription status in the Settings menu of the competition. The states in which a subscription can be established are the following:

  • Pending activation:
    The subscription and its associated competition have been created but the participants have not yet been determined, nor have any draws or results been generated. If a subscription is in a pending activation state for 3 months it will be automatically deleted from the system.

  • Activate:
    The subscription and its associated competition is up to date and fully operational.

  • Expired:
    There is some payment pending on your subscription to continue to manage the competition. While a subscription is in this state, only the participant registrations and competition settings. All other options and tools will be deactivated until the balance is settled pending. Once the outstanding balance of the subscription is restored, it will automatically return to the active status. If a subscription has expired for a period of 3 months, it will automatically be returned to the terminated state.

  • Finalized/Cancelled:
    The competition is closed and can no longer be managed and will not generate any billing charges. If a subscription is cancelled for a period of 3 months it will be deleted. automatically from the system. The competitions in status completed may be eliminated after consideration by the Staff of


The price of a subscription is determined by the number of registrations and administrators (from now on, users) supported by the competition. The price is set and varies according to the total number of users (registrations + administrators), as referred to in the table below:

Number of usersPrice* (monthly)
Up to 103.99 €
Up to 1000.39 €/user
Up to 5000.29 €/user
From 5000.19 €/user

Example: for a competition of 50 participants divided into 2 categories and only one administrator: (25 + 25 + 1) x 0.39 = 19.89 euro/month to keep the subscription active.
* Prices include the digital fees and taxes of the country where the subscription is established.

Periodicity and balance

The maintenance of the subscription will be carried out through monthly payments (30 calendar days) since the subscription becomes active. The payments will be made through the balance available in the subscription of the competition (you can check the current balance in the Settings of the competition). After the expiry of the deadline, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the available balance; in case of default, the subscription will be suspended and will be in the status expired. until the remaining balance is paid.

You can add and provision balance to your subscriptions from Settings -> Add balance and directly access any of the available payment methods.

We recommend that you check and replenish your balance periodically to avoid interruptions to your subscription and service.

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