Waterbowl Premier League 2021/22
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Check Your Rosters
It seems like occasionally SPPS are not fully matching player's achievements. I have been through all the rosters and corrected any errors, but if you spot any please let me know on WB Facebook page.
Alex Wormall · 4 months ago
Rd 1 is complete! Rd 2 ends 6/10
Rd 1 came to an end tonight, and a few familiar faces bagged opening round wins. Perennial contenders Kaare, CJ, and Alex B all started on the front foot, as did a few others. In the clash of the round Geoff & Rick drew a thriller 1:1. On to round two and the chance to build on promising starts, or to bounce back from disappointments (or of course begin a nosedive...)
Alex Wormall · 4 months ago
Element Games is not open at the moment on Monday/Tuesday night so you will need to play elsewhere if playing on those days e.g FanBoy3, Oppidan, Pie & Ale (all Manchester), Malga Drift (Eccles) Also, remember to check http://waterbowl.org.uk for league information e.g. which Inducements are legal, and Tourplay advice.
Alex Wormall · 4 months ago
The New Season Begins!
The excitement in the air was palpable as the league fixtures were drawn and the new season can now get underway! The standout from round 1 looks to be Rick's Slann vs Geoff's skaven. Two perennial challengers butting heading heads this early will see them both looking to lay down a marker for the season ahead. Round 1 deadline will be Wednesday 22nd September. Good luck to everyone! (Except the other teams in Group A...)
Alex Wormall · 4 months ago

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