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Bounty Season 9
WANTED DEAD OR MAIMED: STRIDOC #8 - 15k KFC Wardancers Nominated by the Deadbeats BLACKAN #8 - 45k Dead Beats Wight Blitzer Nominated by Maungatapu Mongrels, Free Hugs & Thuvuss Thunderhawks. ATTA GHOUL #7 - 15k Dead Beats Ghoul Runner Nominated by KFC PHARAOH NUFF #11 - 15K Deadbeats Mummie Nominated by the Lustrian Widowmakers CHUNK BEEF PUNCH #2 - 15K Free Hugs Chaos Dwarf Blocker Nominated by Bouncey Bouncey Jump Around
llllPARAGONllll · 2 months ago
The Black Gobbo Gaming Bar is open!
Has that Wood Elf dodged away from you one too many times? Has a Werewolf marked their territory on your Treeman? Has that Orc made inappropriate comments to your Halfling Hefty in the showers? Have no fear, gobbo bounties are here! Place a bounty on their head in increments of 5k, subtracted from your Treasury. A Kill takes All. A NI or Greater Takes half the Bounty. (if they cut that player in the future you get the lot) Contact your friendly local Commissioner to place a bounty today!
llllPARAGONllll · 2 months ago
Windowmakers Shine in Preseason Beach Bowl
Playing to a near empty stadium, the Amazon newcomers shone out in their win over the Thunderhawks at the Preseason Beach Bowl. Overcoming earlier pressure and a turnover, the numbers game was too much for their opposition. Morg, who joined the team for the opener against Free Hugs, called them out this week as "one to watch" this season. Both teams will be better for the outing with Thunderhawks adding key development anticipating stiff opposition from the more experienced teams.
James Hills · 3 months ago
Dead Beats Unearth New Skills In Season 9 Pre-Season
With season 9 just around the corner the Dead Beats spent a relaxing weekend away at a training camp following their game against new rivals The Thuvuss Thunderhawks. During a strategic meeting the coach sat the team down to discuss possible skill ups. It was at this point that the two newly hired assistance coaches (M. Balmer and Scar "Kofu" Gus) pointed out that a few of the lads could skill up, and questioned whether Mr Hickey (Local Neck Romancer and Coach) could do math.
Conor Dykes · 3 months ago

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