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Top 7 set for Tournament
Scott M 18pts (1st) William 15pts (2nd) Bryan 13pts(3rd) Colton 12pts/10tds (4th) Ryan 12pts/9tds (5th) Peter 12pts/8tds (6th) Brenden 10pts(7th) The result of our last game will round out the tournament seeding
Bryan Swanson · a month ago
Final Game
Has anyone heard from Lee, we are waiting for the last game between Lee v Caleb R. Caleb told me he has been unable to contact Lee. If He hasn't made contact within 24 hours I will award Caleb a victory by forfeit. Which will also award SPP according to the rulebook.
Bryan Swanson · a month ago
Final Games
We are down to just 3 games left in week 6, Lee v Caleb R, Logan v William and Ryan v Gharrin. Still some seeding to be decided by these games.
Bryan Swanson · a month ago
Standings/seeding cont.
Peter has a tough matchup with Andy's angry Orcs(which are sitting at 2-3, hoping to go 500) and Ryan will face off with some undead fellows. A lot of jockeying for position in this final week of play, several teams playing for a midlevel game in the coming tournament. Details for the tournament forthcoming.
Bryan Swanson · a month ago
Standings/ Seeding
Scott Miller has earned top seed with an undefeated record and 18 total points. I am in 2nd with 13 points, however William has a chance to push me out of 2nd by winning his last two games or a win and a draw (he has me on TD's) to claim second. Colton finishes with 12 overall points and is currently in 3rd. Brenden's last minute heroics in our game gives him 10 overall points with the draw and 3 wins. Ryan and Peter both sitting at 9 points with 3 wins each are both fighting for top 5
Bryan Swanson · a month ago
Week 6
Scott M v Scott C 2-1 Bryan v Brenden 2-2 Colton v Caleb C 1-0
Bryan Swanson · a month ago
Tournament News
Just wanted to let everyone know before the beginning of the Tournament, that all players injured in week 6 who suffered a MNG will be available for the first round of the tournament.
Bryan Swanson · 2 months ago

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