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Dirk Valentius Post-game Media (4.08.21)
"I can't even spell prehensile, but after that? Damn if I don't know what it means. And it hurts. Those scaly cats, they're fierce, like a baby mama waiting for child support, and I respect it. I don't like it though. We'll be ready for 'em next time, crackerjack. Also, Krysss Braun - I'm calling you out, son. Get my boys to see if we can't make a nice handbag out of you for my future ex wife. Peace, playas."
Callum Fuller · 2 months ago
Excerpt from Dirk Valentius' Post-game presser
"...Obviously I'm a bit juiced with the result, Daddy-o. Thought we defended well in the first half but its those damn blitzer cages man. Can't do jack diddly about them when the breaks ain't going your way playa. And the second half? Well we just lost our way. Capitulated, as the men in white collars say. We'll get better though. We have to." So, what do you make of all that, Kenny? I have no idea what the fuck he's talking about, Donny.
Callum Fuller · 2 months ago

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