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Front runners flex during season open
After a knockdown drag out first half, YeeYee Ratboy scurried two points for a win. But the Waddlehiem Chillers left four Rats injured and two out for the game in a boot-stomping march of the penguins. The second match of the night struggled to complete as the Souf Cariguanas lost 0-1 to the Lint Lickers. As game leading player, Krenko, put it, "I had ball."
Paul Morris · 3 months ago
Bubblebellied Lint Lickers seen prepping hard for inaugural match against Souf Cariguana Politicians
The Bubblebellied Lint Lickers were seen this morning getting prepped for their first match against the Souf Cariguana Politicians. Newbie Punter Terry "The Bruise" Gruuz, sporting jersey #1, was approached by our own Slaanesh Daemonette-turned-Sportscaster Miza Khalika, asked about his preparations for taking down the scaly boys in blue. "TERRY ISNT SCARED! TERRY KNOWS HE CAN SQUISH LIZARD. TERRY ISNT EVEN ANGRY, HE JUST KNOW LITTLE LIZARD SCARED OF HIS SIZE. NOW LET TERRY FINISH HIS PUDDING!"
Clayton Guerry · 3 months ago
Chillers ready for season start
we're not great but we're here
Jesse Uzzel Guerry · 3 months ago
Head organizer, Tassleholf Burrfoot, proudly marks both territory and approval of preseason.
In another night of scrimmage matches, the newest team on the pitch, the Ball Snatchers, beat house favorite Lint Lickers in a 1-0 shutout. With a tenuous grasp on rules, the Ball Snatchers managed to move the ball in the right direction… twice. As both birds and lizards showed little respect for Nuffle rules and referees, the Criguanalians cracked the fish stick loving Chillers 1-0. A trial and failure approach by the Dodgers left more injuries than points in a 1-1 tie against the Pack Rats.
Paul Morris · 3 months ago
Pengins fumble balls for Rat win
Pearl Street Pack Rats took Thursday night's pre-season scrimmage against the Waddlehiem Chillers 2-1. While the Norse birds were stomping Skaven, leaving two players critically injured. Gutterrunners, Yee Yee and Ay Bo, gained the attention of scouts and sponsors. "Them rat boys been rollin coal past them ice chickens. I just hope they're not vaccinated," said prominent douche salesmen Bad Guy Rick. "I shot at em last season. They won't eat my trash again."
Paul Morris · 4 months ago

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