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Past the halfway point!
Thanks to everyone in the league for making this such a breeze to run. We may slip a week here or there but by and large we're keeping the momentum up. If anyone ever has a fallow week and is at a loose end your friendly Commissioner is always ready to step up for a friendly! The table is starting to coalesce into a three horse race pursued by a chasing pack, but there are still some real six-pointers to play. Please remember to roll for a single MVP randomly don't choose it. Onwards to glory!
Andrew Brennand · 11 days ago
Summertime and the playin' ain't easy!
After a fraught month of team charabancs getting lost in the heat haze and coaches over-indulging on pina coladas the league is back on track with everything to play for. Some teams are breaking away from the pack, some have faltered and some haven't really got going at all yet. One thing that is emerging is that coaches appear to have wildly different philosophies when it comes to risking the random skill pick! Let's try to get Round 4 finished by Aug 24th and Round 5 by Sept 7th. Best of luck!
Andrew Brennand · a month ago
Elves break away from the pack!
A clear leader has emerged after Round 2 with Fran's Elven Union team looking like the team you'll have to beat if you're going to threaten for the inaugural BB2020 Lunecaster BBL title. Not content with leading the division on completions and touchdowns they also snuck onto the table recording deaths inflicted. A veritable powerhouse of a franchise! Who will be the ones to take them down? I'll generate the fixtures for Round 4 now so you can start planning your summer campaigns.
Andrew Brennand · 2 months ago
First games played. Griff whiffs!
Thank you to all coaches who have now successfully completed their first fixtures. Round 2 is now underway and has already seen an upset in which Griff Oberwald, who was truly magnificent in his opener had an absolute 'mare of a game against a dominant Dark Elf team. I hope everyone is now getting to grips with the App as a platform. It's not been without problems but the support is responsive so all issues are now fixed and the tables and rosters are in good nick. Good luck for Round 2 folks!
Andrew Brennand · 3 months ago
It all kicks-off!
Fixtures have been generated. As the picture indicates we've made a small tweak to the previous rules and decided to include the Spike 11 Necromantic Stars and Akhorne the Squirrel. Since we have two Necro teams and a Halfling one it'd be rude not to! Please try to schedule your game to be played on or before June 29th. When a time has been agreed click on your fixture on the Score tab and enter the agreed date and time there. Play any day or venue you can mutually agree. Nuffle be praised!
Andrew Brennand · 3 months ago
Lunecaster BBL - Da Rulez
We will play a simple season of nine matches where each coach will play every other coach once. We will use all the league rules from the Core Rulebook Pg 96-100 with the exception of Play-Offs.There will be a 1300gp redraft limit for the second season. All inducements and Star Players from the Core Rulebook can be used. Since this is our first season we will use only a subset of the inducements in Death Zone. These are New Inducements Pg 14-39 and option to use New Weather Tables Pg 76-83.
Andrew Brennand · 3 months ago
Lunecaster BBL kick-off imminent!
The last few players are signing up before Tuesday so I hope to get the fixtures generated within the week. The club successfully opened on the 8th and people are now safely around tables that operate within bubbles. Of course if you cant't play on a Tuesday then this site/app will permit you to play anywhere you can mutually arrange. We need to decide on a format for league communications. Email would do, WhatsApp or Discord are also an option.
Andrew Brennand · 3 months ago

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