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It’s come to light not all Badly hurts are been registered and the TP doesn’t do Prays to Nuffle table for you. Not registering Cas does impact the results/tables. We recommend a paper copy been made at the same time as the game and a check through before you end the match. It’s you the players responsibility to know the rules and if in doubt ask for assistance :)
Flick McConnell · a month ago
Dealing with a missed game.
If a Conceded, Cancelled or Buy game the Govs have decided the “winner” gets a 2-0 win, 50k winnings, +1DF, 14spp split as 1x4, 2x3 and 2x2 all random players.
Flick McConnell · 2 months ago
Player drop out
Unfortunately Ryan C is having to drop out from the league.
Flick McConnell · 2 months ago
One game left before the draw. That is Ben and Craig. Adam and Matt will play on the 15th and are aware they need to get their next game in by the 24th.
Flick McConnell · 2 months ago
If you want a random skill let Tourplay do this for you!
Flick McConnell · 3 months ago
System update
When logging games BOTH of coach need to log on. Best to log as you go by the looks.
Flick McConnell · 3 months ago
Registration closes 25th June
Need all teams registered for then so we can get the admin sorted, thank you
Flick McConnell · 3 months ago

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