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Play and organize leagues or tournaments of this fabulous board game.

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Customize competition rules and format

Optional rules, category/phase formats and pairing system can be configured to suit any competition customization needs.

Maintenance of team lists

Players and organizers have the necessary tools to manage and display team lists of the competitions they participate in at any time.

Results and match reports in real time

Coaches can log on to the match to report and modify the match report in real time; it allows other participants to follow the match and minimizes errors.

Powerful pairing system

The pairing engine allows you to generate round-robin, swiss and playoffs. It has been carefully designed to be flexible, easy to use, robust and accurate.

Registration and participant management

It allows to validate and consult data of the registrations for each category of the competition. Manages new registrations, withdrawals or substitutions that alter the normal course of the competition.

Scheduling events on the calendar

With the match scheduling tool, players will be able to agree on the date and time of matches with their opponents independently and transparently. The events will be automatically established in the competition calendar.

Consolidates the podium and awards prizes

Customize and manage the prizes available for each category. It awards absolute prizes, consolation prizes and honorary prizes to deserving teams.

Top player statistics

Publishes in order the lists of the teams and players that have acquired the best performance statistics during the course of the competition.

Rankings and results at the moment

Flexibility in scoring and tiebreaking settings; always published and instantly updated with new results.

Keep players informed

Customize your competition's logo and publish it on the news panel to inform coaches of competition events or news.

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